I’ve often thought about this movie that I watched more than 20 years ago. Today I’m watching it for the second time. As I watched I thought of all the deceived and misled young people of our day that have the immature idea that the solution to all of our problems is a democratic government. If we ever get the idea that democracy is always proper, always cares about it’s citizens, and always knows best, then we should watch this old black and white movie produced and directed by none other than Steven Spielberg.


“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good,   America will cease to be great.” ~Alexis de Tocqueville

We as a Nation have lost our desire to be good. We seem to hold that other assets are more important than virtue and moral goodness. Some have come to believe that truth isn’t really important at all. I seems that trusting the truth has become almost impossible because many times the truth seems to be so complicated. Complicated it may be, but the real reason that people don’t seek the truth and refuse to trust it is their fear and their lack of courage.


There is a sharp contrast between the LEFT’s World-View and the Judeo-Christian World-View. The LEFT includes Communism as well as other atheistic World-views.

The problem isn’t so much that the LEFT is unbelieving in the Bible, or that the Communist don’t believe in a Creator God. These are only the beginnings. The real problem is that the LEFT and the Communist believe that the Judeo Christian World View is totally stupid and that it is their duty to constantly lambast and belittle all Christians and Jews.


Our Worldview alters how we see things, therefore, what determines our Worldview is how we see things. It’s like the movie “Catch 22.” You claim to be crazy to do what you do, therefore, your not crazy because you claim to be crazy and that is perfectly normal, therefore, sane. Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t because what you do or don’t do the result is always the same. You are going to fly these dangerous missions until the war is over or you are badly wounded or killed.


There are really only two faiths in the world. Faith in God and faith in man. Everyone chooses one or the other.

“But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” ~Genesis 3:4-5 ESV

Eve was the world’s first person deceived into accepting a LEFT Worldview. And, its corruption quickly spread to her husband Adam.


What can I say that will cause the LEFT to consider truth as a viable option to winning? After all is said and done a victory caused by deceit is no victory at all, but only another lie that must be later propped up by another lie, and later another and another and so on. I have come to the conclusion that there are truths that each of us do not like. And, that there is nothing that can be done to change the truth that is true into a truth that would be more appealing. It doesn’t matter how loud we scream or how much we try and divert our attention from it; the true and complete truth remains completely true!


It is heartbreaking to watch an honest and honorable idea to fall under sever Satanic attack.

The original Idea of our Country and it’s Government was self-evident to our founding Fathers. The idea “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” So states our Deceleration of Independence that continues to say that Governments are instituted among Men, to secure these rights, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Later written in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to the Constitution. Essentially, these first Amendments were created at the same time our Constitution was written and ratified. In these first ten Amendments We the People were guaranteed protection for specific rights. This protection was primarily to protect us from our Government or any form of takeover by some internal force.


There was a time, only a few short years ago, that almost everyone you passed along the way would offer you a friendly wave. Many times a driver would lift a finger from the steering wheel as a one-finger salute. I’m not talking about the international sign of disapproval, although, you would see that on occasion but very seldom and someone would have behaved in a way that was upsetting to another. Now days the vulgar sign is realized more than a friendly wave, however, you seldom see either. More often than not the drivers have a cell phone stuck to their ear.

The 59th Grammy Awards

Present music is a direct reflection of the present time of our lives. I love music for the most part but some of it I don’t understand, and some of it aggravates me to a point of anger.

It is my belief that music is a direct link or connector to other dimensions. Some of those dimensions are spiritual, both good spirits and bad spirits, and some are unknowable and indefinable physical dimensions.   Music can transport you to a different time, it can bring to mind old times, good times and bad times. It can touch you deeply with precious memories of love and harmony. And, it can conjure up evil and hateful thoughts. It has the power to stimulate sensual and erotic feelings. Music is a powerful means to inspire and stimulate all kinds of movements and actions.

The Federal Judge James Robart a LEFT winger?

To paraphrase President Trump’s latest executive order of banning people from seven countries from entry into the USA; he simply wants to temporarily prevent people from these seven countries from entering the US. In his opinion the risk of allowing them inside our country outweigh the benefit their presence could be dangerous for American Citizens. Don’t forget what has recently happened in Paris, London, and Brussels. Somehow this behavior has to be stopped! It is that simple.


Yesterday was an interesting day for me. The day started with two of my Granddaughters and I going to Sunday school. The time spent with my Granddaughters is awesome, but I happen to have one of the best Sunday School Teachers in the World which adds much value to my Sundays. Someday I must say more about him, because he is worthy of good thought.


It’s much more than an assumption that Satan knows who Almighty God IS and Satan knows that Jesus has already defeated him. He knows that because of his defeat it is too late for him, he knows that someday soon he will be cast into a lake of fire where he will spend eternity with all of those he managed to deceive here on Planet Earth.


As sure as the Sun Shines and the Wind Blows, the LEFT will ALWAYS be opposed to America and the American way of life.  Why is that?

The American Experience was built on the idea that Almighty God IS and that all of mankind is accountable to HIM.  A truth that is uncomfortable for many, however this truth is, has, and always will be true.

Many civilizations have fallen simply because they refused to hold themselves accountable to the truth.  We are presently involved in a huge battle for the very existence of America and the battlefield is already littered with millions of causalities.  Think about the millions of murderous abortions performed simply for the sake of convenience.

EVENTS JANUARY 9th & 10th, 2017

Last night we had the opportunity to watch a fantastic football game. And the underdog won. I was very pleased. It was an honest effort by both teams!

Tonight we have had the opportunity to watch America’s first Black President explain himself in his farewell address. I believe that Barack Hussein Obama is the first President who has leaned to the LEFT during his entire administration. His Worldview is more to the LEFT than the RIGHT and IS NOT a Judeo Christian Worldview. Best case, the President is a secular man.


All reasonable effort should be made to prevent crazy people, included terrorist, from randomly harming innocent people. Recently crowds of shoppers, solders and others have been maimed and murdered with trucks. Several people have been randomly shot and killed with semiautomatic weapons in the past few hours.

There are more than several things that can be done to slow this kind of murderous activity. Since 911 many well-intended things have been made lawful that negatively affected everyone. TSA has stopped a few armed people from boarding aircraft, many of them not terrorist at all. I remember when Berry Switzer tried to get though security with a handgun in his briefcase. He wasn’t deliberately trying to deceive anyone, he just forgot that it was in his briefcase.


Many of us understand the history of our Nation and the importance of our Judaeo-Christian heritage and the influence it has had in our history.  However, it is difficult to fathom the reasons for all the attacks against America from the outside and from the inside.  We may agree with the Bible that there is a Spiritual war being fought, but we can’t get a handle on the reasons why the LEFT is so involved. It maybe that a huge number of Americans don’t want to know the reasons why and if they caught a glimpse of them they probably wouldn’t believe them anyway.  Many so-called-Christians are leaning more and more toward the LEFT.

No morality = no liberty

“Our modern, virtually unqualified, enthusiasm for liberty forgets that liberty can only be the “”the space between the walls,”” the walls of morality and based upon morality. It is sensible to argue about how far apart the walls should be set, but it is cultural suicide to demand all space and no walls.” ~Robert Bork 1996

It is worthwhile to note from where morality comes. Who defines it and why? The laws of nature and nature’s God come to mind. Liberty and morality complement and support one another, neither will last very long without the other.
~Adverse Yaw


If you are a media person trying to be fair and balanced you may be able to keep yourself from being emotionally moved by one or both candidates for POTUS.  If you are a patriot who loves your country, which is a large part of your heritage, you can’t be involved in anyway this year without being emotionally affected, especially if you are one who cares about your family and their future.

We are in a Spiritual war and the real issues are ideologies

In this election the facts are obvious and very simple.   The only obscurity of the truth is the rhetoric between the opponents.

We are in a Spiritual war and the real issues are ideologies.

The LEFT, and their ideology has been gaining popularity for more than 100 years here in America.   Their ideology favors secular humanism, which is; humanism, with regard in particular to the belief that humanity is capable of morality and self-fulfillment without belief in God.   Their actions prove more believable than their rhetoric. Many of them are apostates claiming to be Christian in words only.   Take a look at what the LEFT has done to our Universities, to our Art, to economies of the World to mention only a few.   Hillary and her views are parallel with the LEFT.

We should hope for the best but prepare for the worst!

November 8, 2016 will tell the tale. Should we get the worst, chances are good that we Americas will have to continue to endure this insane atmosphere that we have experienced for the past almost eight years. There will be more debt piled upon the trillions of dollars that we already owe, less opportunity and more poverty, less tranquil peace with more hateful divisiveness, more shootings, bombings and less law enforcement. Desolation similar the City of Detroit will become as common as springtime storms. Hate among the races will double and Hillary will disappear into the White House. It wouldn’t surprise me if she became an invalid in her first and hopefully her last term as POTUS. If she is the Christian that she claims to be she must be horribly guilt ridden. It is most doubtful that she has ever had a spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ.


The young American’s of today have already been seduced by lying political groups.   The word seduction stems from Latin and means literally “to lead astray”.   So how does one seduce another person or persons without using deceit?

Young Americas should beware. Hillary is a master of deceit and deception.   There is no doubt that truth is unimportant to what Hillary Clinton says.   She is so much more comfortable with a lie than she is the Truth!

This may be wishful thinking I don’t know!

This may be wishful thinking I don’t know! But, Donald Trump seems to be winning big at the present time.

One indication that this may be so is the frantic attack of Donald Trump by the liberal news media, and even more so the terror that seems to engulf the RNC upper establishment. They are horribly afraid of him winning!

I think it all depends on two things. One is whether more Americans who see the truth show up at the polls over the ignorant Hillary voters. Hillary is a real Pied Piper and has a large accumulation of ignorant people following her.

THE VP DEBATE 10/04/16

Evidently Senator Tim Kaine’s strategy was to constantly interrupted Governor Pence with the only ammo that he had which was Trump’s taxes and Trump’s earlier statements. Every time Pence would try and make a point that Kaine didn’t like he would interrupt. Kaine just couldn’t be quite when Pence was trying to make a valid point. The moderator didn’t do her job. She would interrupt Pence and not allow him to finish his point! She would allow Kaine to interrupt and talk-over Pence and because of her failure to control the debate it appeared that she was there to help Kaine.


Some proclaim that once a person is born-again into the family of God that life will be nothing but joy and peace. I disagree, and I wish it were so, but it just isn’t true. Life here on planet Earth, even for born-again-believers, is filled with trials, tribulations and regrets. Sometimes fear and depression, if allowed, will creep into our thoughts. However, there is no such euphoria as the time when a person realizes that the Almighty God of the Universe loves them enough that he allowed his only Son to pay your way into everlasting life with Him. We should remember everyday of out lives that Jesus Christ shed all of His Blood for you and for me.