We should hope for the best but prepare for the worst!

November 8, 2016 will tell the tale. Should we get the worst, chances are good that we Americas will have to continue to endure this insane atmosphere that we have experienced for the past almost eight years. There will be more debt piled upon the trillions of dollars that we already owe, less opportunity and more poverty, less tranquil peace with more hateful divisiveness, more shootings, bombings and less law enforcement. Desolation similar the City of Detroit will become as common as springtime storms. Hate among the races will double and Hillary will disappear into the White House. It wouldn’t surprise me if she became an invalid in her first and hopefully her last term as POTUS. If she is the Christian that she claims to be she must be horribly guilt ridden. It is most doubtful that she has ever had a spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ.

Win or loose, I continue to pray for Hillary. I pray that she will have a face to face spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ, that she will accept his grace, repent of her sins and become truly born again into God’s family. I realize that the chance of this happening is slim to nonexistent, but we are to love and pray for everyone even our enemies.

Should Donald Trump win, we as a nation will have more of a fighting chance for change in the right direction. However, DT will have to overcome many a stumbling block. Win or loose, I pray for DT as well. I pray for America as a Nation. Although, the America that I grew up in has already changed and will probably never be the same, I still pray for her and her Judo-Christian heritage.

With DT or HC as POTUS we are in for a bumpy ride, much more than a little light chop, we are in for some moderate to severe turbulence, so cinch your seat belts down snug and tight, and hang on. Things are going to get extremely interesting!

I admonish everyone to continue in prayer for America. Continue to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!

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