We are in a Spiritual war and the real issues are ideologies

In this election the facts are obvious and very simple.   The only obscurity of the truth is the rhetoric between the opponents.

We are in a Spiritual war and the real issues are ideologies.

The LEFT, and their ideology has been gaining popularity for more than 100 years here in America.   Their ideology favors secular humanism, which is; humanism, with regard in particular to the belief that humanity is capable of morality and self-fulfillment without belief in God.   Their actions prove more believable than their rhetoric. Many of them are apostates claiming to be Christian in words only.   Take a look at what the LEFT has done to our Universities, to our Art, to economies of the World to mention only a few.   Hillary and her views are parallel with the LEFT.

On the other hand the RIGHT has a totally opposite ideology.   The RIGHT believes that our Country was founded and our Constitution was based on the Judeo-Christian ideology. Which is:  “God is.   And, He created all things, and Almighty God gave us all of our unalienable rights and our liberty.   We as a nation are not obligated to obey any Religion, or any Preacher, or any Church. However, we are responsible to God and His law.”   Donald Trump’s views are much closer to the RIGHT than they are to the LEFT.   Although, he needs to work on his self-control, he is more American than his opponent.

There is no doubt that Hillary’s ideals favor the LEFT and Donald’s favor the Right.   Both, are human beings and both are no more and no less sinners that you or I. The issue is the ideologies and the battle is a spiritual one.   Keep in mind that there is a conspiracy, and for there to be a conspiracy means that there must be deceit, deception and a conspirator. Believe me there is a conspiracy, the lies, the deceit and the deception are easily seen by those interested in truth.   The conspirator is Satan himself. And, as always when Satan wins we the people loose.  Nothing happens that Almighty God doesn’t allow. Although, I pray not, this maybe the year that Satan wins this battle.   We the people may receive what we deserve and what Almighty God may allow.

Like it or not, you and I are the voters and we are in this fight. Therefore, first and foremost we should fight only because our cause is right, and we should continue the fight with great vigor even though it may seem as if we are failing or going to fail.   Above all, we must not fail to cast our Vote!


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