Many of us understand the history of our Nation and the importance of our Judaeo-Christian heritage and the influence it has had in our history.  However, it is difficult to fathom the reasons for all the attacks against America from the outside and from the inside.  We may agree with the Bible that there is a Spiritual war being fought, but we can’t get a handle on the reasons why the LEFT is so involved. It maybe that a huge number of Americans don’t want to know the reasons why and if they caught a glimpse of them they probably wouldn’t believe them anyway.  Many so-called-Christians are leaning more and more toward the LEFT.

The problem of Islam in the west isn’t that the Islamic Terrorist are so strong. It is because Christian people in the West have become so weak.

There may be as many Evangelical Christians in Russia as there are in the USA! The media hides truths like this from the West. Most media is a huge participant in the ideals of the LEFT. (Believe it or not, hiding truths is part of the conspiracy)

The enemy of the LEFT is Christianity because the LEFT cannot survive in the midst of Christian Values.

The LEFT is a twin brother to Communism–––as in their minds everything is relative and there is no such thing as absolute TRUTH.

The LEFT is a wise old serpent that understands in order to marginalize Christianity the Family unit must be dismantled as much as possible.

The LEFT is a religion.   A primary god of that religion is politics. This particular god promotes arrogant self-interest and secular humanism. There is no humility it this religion. This religion is dominated by arrogant deceit!

Consider the fact that the LEFT’s ideals are closely related to Communist’s ideals, however, lately the LEFT led by Hillary has been attacking Putin (supposedly a communist). Why is that?   The LEFT has also been attacking Donald Trump for respecting Putin.   Why is that?  Could it be that Putin realizes that there is a special kind of power with Christianity?  Could Putin be a believer?

The reason the LEFT is constantly attacking Christianity is because of a conspiracy.   Yes! Believe it or not, it is a conspiracy of a spiritual nature and the main conspirator is Satan himself.   Satan is no dummy, he knows that the winner of this Spiritual war has already been determined and that the winner is not himself.   But, he is determined to do evil, because he is evil.

Having said all of this I challenge all Christians to remain in the fight and to be the Christian Soldiers that Almighty God intended us to be.  We Soldiers of the Cross are to love one another and to love others, to remain humble, to worship Almighty God continuously and to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and His love to everyone we meet.  Remembering always the Sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the Cross over two thousand years ago.   I also challenge all of those who don’t know the Truth to seek it and to find it and to believe it.   Find the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free.


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