Our Constitutional Republic is a two edged sword which protects both the informed and the ignorant and guarantees freedom and liberty to both sides of America’s World Views.   The predominant World Views of America are the LEFT & the RIGHT World Views.

The LEFT is made up of PROGRESSIVES, LIBERALS & MODERATES, and each of these groups lean heavily toward Secular Humanism which is: “humanism, with regard in particular to the belief that humanity is capable of morality and self-fulfillment without belief in God.”  (online dictionary).   Individuals within each group seldom verbalize their true beliefs because their own intelligence reveals to them that Secular Humanism can’t possibly work in the long run. Of course there are many ignorant people than never gave the term World View any real thought.   The fact remains that there is no such thing as absolute truth without belief in God.   As a result when an overwhelming majority believes this way our Constitutional Republic will fail to exist.

The RIGHT is made up of Conservatives, Evangelicals, and many other Religious people who agree that there is a Supreme Being and Creator.   Although the RIGHT contains a few Secular Humanist who lean toward TRUTH, most of them will eventually become true Conservatives or they will end up on the LEFT where they are more comfortable and where they really belong.

The differences are not complicated.  A key word here is RESPONSIBILITY.   According to Secular Humanism there is no God and all things including humans are only particles of matter and/or energy shaped by chance.   Who then are they responsible to?   They would be responsible only to themselves; therefore, they would be in bondage to the sheer flow of matter and energy shaped by chance.   But it is apparent that the LEFT believes only what it believes to be true as truth, and their truth changes from moment to moment.   The LEFT has a mob-oriented view of truth and they are susceptible to going along with the crowd, or the majority which, in my opinion, is very sinful and very self-destructive.   If one is LEFT they must think like the LEFT, act like the LEFT and speak like the LEFT or suffer the consequences.

On the other hand the RIGHT is filled with liberty and the freedom to choose along with much RESPONSIBILITY.   Those on the RIGHT feel a strong responsibility to the Creator Who created them and gave them the right to think and the right to choose.   The LEFT offers no such right.   Differ with the thinking of the LEFT and they will come after you with all kinds of hate labels and innuendo.   They will try and destroy you and any credibility that you may have. Their arch-rival is the RIGHT,  or you might say their arch-rival is TRUTH.

The vast number of the LEFT is made up of poor ignorant, deceived souls who have come to the belief that if it feels good then do it because it’s okay.   The leaders of the LEFT are the evil side of this equation, and Satan is their Commander and Chief.   The LEFT is presently and has been for the past  105 years,  trying to destroy the traditional Judaeo-Christian families, Churches and Synagogues.

Therefore, it behooves those of us who love liberty and freedom to admonish each and every citizen we know to preserve our way of life by protecting and  producing more Judaeo-Christian families, by protecting and producing more Christian Churches and Synagogues.   The traditional family, moral virtue, churches and synagogues are  and always have been the glue that has held our Republic together.

With our new President Elect we have a tiny chance of change, however, the opposition is a strong opponent that can’t be defeated without much faith, hope, love and prayer.   We Christians should pray and evangelize like never before!

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