All reasonable effort should be made to prevent crazy people, included terrorist, from randomly harming innocent people. Recently crowds of shoppers, solders and others have been maimed and murdered with trucks. Several people have been randomly shot and killed with semiautomatic weapons in the past few hours.

There are more than several things that can be done to slow this kind of murderous activity. Since 911 many well-intended things have been made lawful that negatively affected everyone. TSA has stopped a few armed people from boarding aircraft, many of them not terrorist at all. I remember when Berry Switzer tried to get though security with a handgun in his briefcase. He wasn’t deliberately trying to deceive anyone, he just forgot that it was in his briefcase.

I can think of two things that could be done, however, they probably will never take place. I assure you these two things would be more effective that what we are doing now. The first would apply to Airports and boarding flights both domestic and international.

First. A person with the talent and ability to discern dangerous people should interview all passengers. Most anyone with the least amount of common sense could do this, however, law enforcement offices throughout America have people who deal with criminals and terrorist everyday. It would a take a good interviewer less than a minute to determine a person to be safe or dangerous. Of course if a person is the least bit suspect more time could be spent on that sort of individual. When I was flying an airliner I depended on my flight attendants to inform me of a problem. Flight attendants dealt with people every flight and could identify a person who was going to be an issue before they took their seat. Of course many of them were only jerks and not a significant danger (that comes with the job). But having said that, if the FA didn’t want a person on the flight because she or he thought they were the least bit dangerous we would not push off the gate with that person on board. Sometimes the person would have to be physically removed by a team of police officers. On every occasion that this happened the remaining passengers cheered and clapped as the perpetrator was removed.

The second thing would apply for all acts of terror that have taken placed. I know that many of you will not agree with me, but I know it would work.

Second. Any mass murder, shooter, truck driver or any other kind of terrorist who harms innocent people should receive a fair trial. When convicted and executed the remains of the terrorist should be by law fed to live hogs with news media filming it and a YouTube video of it should be placed on the internet. If the terrorist blows themselves up in the process of killing innocent people, their remains should be identified via DNA and those remains fed to live hogs. If there is any other way to stop this sort of behavior from taking place that would be great. I doubt if any other method would be as effective.

Claiming insanity as a defense should not apply here. Some people die of cancer, others die of heart attacks, others die in an auto accidents. If a person contracts the ability to harm others he or she should be executed and their remains fed to live hogs. Too bad so sad, but so is many other ways of loosing life, especially being murdered by a crazy or a terrorist.

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