As sure as the Sun Shines and the Wind Blows, the LEFT will ALWAYS be opposed to America and the American way of life.  Why is that?

The American Experience was built on the idea that Almighty God IS and that all of mankind is accountable to HIM.  A truth that is uncomfortable for many, however this truth is, has, and always will be true.

Many civilizations have fallen simply because they refused to hold themselves accountable to the truth.  We are presently involved in a huge battle for the very existence of America and the battlefield is already littered with millions of causalities.  Think about the millions of murderous abortions performed simply for the sake of convenience.

The opponents in this battle are the Americans with a Judaeo-Christian World View and so-called-Americans with a LEFT World View.  Both sides are filled with sinful human beings,  but it’s not about the individuals. The battle is the idea of coalescing with sin or of opposing sin. And, of course the definition of sin is important.

The primary reason for this great battle has to do with sexual promiscuity. This observation is obvious. Consider the Sexual Revolution of free sex, adultery and the LGBTQ movement that has taken place and is presently taking placed. Television, the internet, the propaganda machines (formally called news media), and billboards are inundated with sexual promiscuity.

Many truth things can be said about the LEFT and all of them point to the fact that the LEFT does not want to be accountable to ALMIGHTY GOD.  So many of them refuse to admit that there is a Creator, an Almighty God that we (His created) are accountable to.  Many of those on the LEFT have been blessed with wonderful brains.   Many of the LEFT are intellectual geniuses, however, one has to be pretty stupid to think that if a person believes something that isn’t true long enough and hard enough and convince others to believe the same stupid lie, that it somehow will become true.

The issue is all about accountability to the TRUTH.

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