Yesterday was an interesting day for me. The day started with two of my Granddaughters and I going to Sunday school. The time spent with my Granddaughters is awesome, but I happen to have one of the best Sunday School Teachers in the World which adds much value to my Sundays. Someday I must say more about him, because he is worthy of good thought.

The day ended at my Son’s house watching the Super Bowl with the family, and what a game that turned out to be. Old stats were broken and new ones put in their place. I was pleased at the half time score because I was pulling for the underdog, The Atlanta Falcons, and at half time it looked to be a boring game with the Falcons easily overpowering the Patriots. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to see a more entertaining contest.

The Half Time Show was a spectacular event, although and as usual, it was much too erotic. Lady Gaga is certainly a talented singer and performer but much of her performance should be reserved for her spouse, and only behind closed doors.

As usual some of the commercials caused me to laugh out loud but many of them seemed mundane as most commercials do! Great time with the family, lots to eat and drink, lots of love from all. Gran (Linda) had previously bought the granddaughters a tiny Yorkie dog, and once you get to know her you can’t help but love her. They named her Charlie Bell and she has joined right into the madness of the Doudney house. It’s always fantastic to spend time with those you most dearly love. Andy and I are the only two males in a group of seven; we need Ashley and my grandsons here to help even the score that would make us four out of ten.

Back to the game. By the end of the third quarter I was already pulling for Tom Brady and the Patriots. I not only wanted them to make a comeback, but I wanted to see them win! I was pleased to see the first time ever Sudden Death Over Time Play Off in Super Bowl History. What a wonderful example of determination on the part of the Patriots. When all the odds were totally against them they continued the fight. The same could be said for the Falcons, because they fought a good fight as well. Win or lose the game was a wonderful example of grit and determination.

It brings to my mind a poem by Robert Service entitled “Carry On.” We the people of America are faced with similar odds in our fight to remain American, and we must never give up. Our struggle is a righteous one. We must develop an attitude of never quitting! When things seem the darkest we must carry on! Our adversary, the LEFT, will never quit until they destroy all that is good in America.

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