The Federal Judge James Robart a LEFT winger?

To paraphrase President Trump’s latest executive order of banning people from seven countries from entry into the USA; he simply wants to temporarily prevent people from these seven countries from entering the US. In his opinion the risk of allowing them inside our country outweigh the benefit their presence could be dangerous for American Citizens. Don’t forget what has recently happened in Paris, London, and Brussels. Somehow this behavior has to be stopped! It is that simple.

The LEFT could care less about a few American being killed, their only interest is to discredit the POTUS. It seems winning at any cost is their only motivation for destroying the American way of life.
It appears that Judge James Robart, the Judge that placed a stop to this ban, has succumbed to the deception of the LEFT. In spite of all the rhetoric from the LEFT the truth remains true. However, the LEFT doesn’t believe that there is such a thing as truth. All of the so-called news media (actually the LEFT propaganda machine) is full steam ahead at destroying the POTUS.

It has come to the point that if NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC or PBS says something or writes something you can pretty much count on the fact that is probably is filled with untruth. It is absolutely untrustworthy and unreliable. FOX has it’s flaws, but for the most part it avoids untruths and tries to expose them.

Beware of the LEFT, as the vast majority of what it says and writes is wrong and untrue. Remember you can expect all of the people to be fooled some of the time, and some of the people to be fooled all of the time, but never expect all of the people to be fooled all of the time. Don’t be in bondage to the deception of the LEFT. Search for and find the truth, finding and accepting it can set you free.

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