The 59th Grammy Awards

Present music is a direct reflection of the present time of our lives. I love music for the most part but some of it I don’t understand, and some of it aggravates me to a point of anger.

It is my belief that music is a direct link or connector to other dimensions. Some of those dimensions are spiritual, both good spirits and bad spirits, and some are unknowable and indefinable physical dimensions.   Music can transport you to a different time, it can bring to mind old times, good times and bad times. It can touch you deeply with precious memories of love and harmony. And, it can conjure up evil and hateful thoughts. It has the power to stimulate sensual and erotic feelings. Music is a powerful means to inspire and stimulate all kinds of movements and actions.

Good music is ageless. Bad music won’t last much longer than the lifetime of the writers and performers. Some music is entertaining some of it is so confusing that it requires audacious dress and behavior for the music to survive the year.

The 59th Grammy Awards was a spectacular demonstration of audacity in music, dress and behavior.  Congratulations to ADELE! She was the big winner! The music of today most certainly reflects the time of our present day lives. Almighty God was mentioned occasionally by a few of the performers in gratitude for their success.  However, there was a large portion of the Grammy Awards that seemed to me like a worship service and the primary god that was worshiped was not Almighty God, Creator of the Universe. I could easily believe that the vast majority of those present at the Awards Celebration were people with a LEFT WORLD VIEW.

It is appalling to me that there are so many people who will follow the lead of the present day performers. I can’t help but believe that the performers know that much of their product will never accomplish anything good.  And, I believe that some of them are in the business to deliberately lead people astray and away from truth.

It’s just an opinion. But, if the truth were known you might agree with me.

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