There was a time, only a few short years ago, that almost everyone you passed along the way would offer you a friendly wave. Many times a driver would lift a finger from the steering wheel as a one-finger salute. I’m not talking about the international sign of disapproval, although, you would see that on occasion but very seldom and someone would have behaved in a way that was upsetting to another. Now days the vulgar sign is realized more than a friendly wave, however, you seldom see either. More often than not the drivers have a cell phone stuck to their ear.

Personally, I liked it when the friendly wave was the trend. It was like everyone was greeting one another with a recognition of, “hey, we’re in the same boat,” or “hey we are just a couple of guys on Czech Hall Rd, the only difference is I’m going North and you are going South,” or “hey you! How you doing?” Remember the song “What a Wonderful World” sang by Louie Armstrong? “I see friends shaking hands saying “How do you do?” They are really saying, “I love you.” The wave is similar. Are we so busy with life that we can’t live and love with one another?

The once tiny City of Mustang used to be filled with people waving to each other as they passed. Anymore? Not so much. Is it because of the sudden growth? Or is it because we are so busy. I miss it very much. Still when I get away from populated places and drive through rural America I can get a wave from a passerby, but not nearly as often as twenty short years ago.

Much of America has lost their way. Few know the God that created them. Fewer seem to care. I still try to wave at everyone I pass, because I love this country, and I desperately want to be recognized and loved by my fellow citizens. When I get a wave from a stranger, it makes my day, because I know that there are a few out there just like me!

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