It is heartbreaking to watch an honest and honorable idea to fall under sever Satanic attack.

The original Idea of our Country and it’s Government was self-evident to our founding Fathers. The idea “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” So states our Deceleration of Independence that continues to say that Governments are instituted among Men, to secure these rights, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Later written in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to the Constitution. Essentially, these first Amendments were created at the same time our Constitution was written and ratified. In these first ten Amendments We the People were guaranteed protection for specific rights. This protection was primarily to protect us from our Government or any form of takeover by some internal force.

The founding Fathers realized that all men are inundated with evil and that only Almighty God is perfect. Therefore, they built a government with the protection of individual parts, each having limited power to halt any effort to over throw the Government from within.

There are things not mentioned by our founders that were at the time taken for granted. Words and the meaning of words for example were extremely important then and still are today; however, many people today ignore their importance and their meaning. I’m not referring words that are hard to understand, I’m referring to words that are common and very easy to know exactly what they mean. Words like true and truth! Words like lying and dishonesty. Words like honor and honorable. Words like trust and trustworthy.

Today we have those who would use what power they have to overthrow out Constitutional Republic. Like Soviet Spies and Terrorist, who are easily identified by their effortless ability to lie, the LEFT is the internal enemy of America, and they are more dangerous than Communism and Islam. The only morality each of these our enemies are willing to recognize is what will further their cause. In other words they all reserve the right to lie and to cheat. America’s weakness is found in the vulnerability of ignorant Americans. Satan is the great deceiver and it is easy to deceive the ignorant, a good example is the American LEFT. This conspiracy is a satanic one and there seems to be no identifiable leader other than Satan himself.

Members of the LEFT are doing all that they can do to destroy President Trump’s ability to govern. The establishment within the Beltway, which is supported by Liberals of both coasts hate the POTUS with an intense hatred. After all, this establishment group, who has been in control for over one hundred years, have the most to lose. Unhidden truth is the bitterest pill for them; therefore they are trying their best to hide the truth and to destroy President Trump who represents the truth.

Almighty God alone has the power to solve this particular problem. Already, God has snatched America out of the jaws of demonic destruction by allowing Donald Trump to become the President of the USA. Now Christians all over America and the World need to fall on bended knees and pray for this great nation like never before. The prayers of Christians are our only hope, because our future as America is all in the Hands of Almighty God.

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