There is a sharp contrast between the LEFT’s World-View and the Judeo-Christian World-View. The LEFT includes Communism as well as other atheistic World-views.

The problem isn’t so much that the LEFT is unbelieving in the Bible, or that the Communist don’t believe in a Creator God. These are only the beginnings. The real problem is that the LEFT and the Communist believe that the Judeo Christian World View is totally stupid and that it is their duty to constantly lambast and belittle all Christians and Jews.

Communist Russia doesn’t have a problem with the dictator of a Nation arbitrarily murdering his own citizens with chemical weapons. Communist Russia doesn’t have a problem with violating treaties. If there is no obligation to honor a Creator God why should there be a reason to honor a creed, a code, a contract or a treaty? Without these things chaos will always eventually rule. We in America, supposedly a Christian Nation, can see much chaos on our televisions and computers daily.

On the other hand, Christians or Jews cannot fathom a group of people who believe that the entire Universe and World happened by pure chance or accident. This is precisely where the battle line is drawn. Although, many of the LEFT have a limited belief in a Creator God they don’t seem to be willing to compromise their views, especially when it comes to the abomination of Abortion and the abomination of the LGBTQ behavior, which is no less evil than adultery.

Until there is some sort of agreement in World Views the battle will continue. Only with Almighty God’s help and protection will America remain the America that I was born into.

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