London Bridge & Borough Market


I just saw on FOX news where terrorist have rundown pedestrians on London Bridge, and they have stabbed and shot others in restaurants in and near Borough Market.

Two things that I have noticed while watching these reports, first the Bobbies are now armed which does little for the citizens, because by the time that the armed Bobbies show up it’s all over. And, the citizens are starting to fight back by throwing bottles and other available objects. The victims who are wounded or dead had little time or means with which to defend themselves. It takes much more to defend yourself from a knife or a gun than throwing a bottle.

Thank goodness for the National Rifle Association here in America. If and when an attack comes to our soil it will most probably be on the East or the West Coast simply because this is where the LEFT has created an anti-gun attitude. The terrorist know that they can do much more damage, kill more people, and make their statement stronger on the West or the East Coast than in any other place in the USA because there is no one to stop them.

If terrorist were to try such an act in OKC or TUL, or even DAL, there would be a huge number of citizens pulling out their weapons and shooting these idiot terrorist in face. It’s too bad that after killing the terrorist that they wouldn’t continue and take their remains and feed them to hogs.

There are entirely too many bed-wetting, thumb-sucking, LEFT WING liberals on the East and West Coast who are opposed to citizens being lawfully armed. GIVE ME A BREAK!

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