Wednesday Morning June 14, 2017

Well, thank heavens for the Capitol Police that accompanied the US Congressman who was shot this morning while partaking in a Baseball practice. The Officers did indeed save lives, and they deserve our utmost respect and appreciation!

After the incident and during an interview of the Governor of Virginia, he accidentally stated that 93,000,000 deaths a day were caused by gun violence. And, later he was challenged by a news person and he recanted. “He meant to say 93 person a day. Even 93 persons per day is three times the truth exaggerated. The truth is 30 persons per day lose their lives due to gun violence, and most of them are drive by gang violence.

My point is this; not everyone has a trained group of police officers follow them around to protect them from a shooting incidence such as the one that occurred this morning in Alexander, Va.

In the USA traffic accidents claim more than 2900 lives per day, Heart disease claims 2500 lives per day, and Cancer claims 1620 per day. There is no way to determine how many lives are saved each year because of an armed society, but, I would be willing to bet that it is more than 30 per day. Many if not most of those who would harm another person are young men or boys who have no fathers or mentors to teach them to respect others, and as a result they live in constant fear. If they suspect others to be armed they most often will tread lightly. Most of the lives that are saved are never reported.

Of course there are terrorist.  The more armed people around during a terrorist attack the less people the terrorist will be able to kill.  Don’t believe the LEFT for one moment that there must be more gun control than there already is. The laws on the books are enough to keep violence under control; however, the LEFT seems to be opposed to many of those laws.

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