Is Destruction and Desolation in the future of America?

The clear and present effort to replace the foundation of America and to destroy all of the freedoms and liberties that are the heart and soul of this Great Nation are becoming more obvious every day.

The destruction of truth has been a work in progress since Eve and Adam were first deceived by Satan. Nothing has changed, deceit and deception are the primary tools used to destroy anything and everything that is Godly. Life here on Planet Earth is a constant spiritual struggle between Good and Evil. The battle between God and Satan is finished and Satan was defeated, however, constant skirmishes between good and evil continue.

The primary opposition to everything thing that is good about America is Satan who presently disguises and manifest himself as the LEFT. For one individual to judge another is similar to the kettle calling the pot black, but on the other hand, calling Hitler a Madman or a Nazi was only defining the enemy in the 1940’a, and today calling the LEFT the enemy is logical. Failure to point out the enemy is self defeating.

I feel serious emotional stress due to the attitudes of many Americans. Their failure to see through the lies of the LEFT, and their refusal to seek truth is very troubling. It seems that when the truth is obvious the LEFT chooses to ignore it.

I realize that there are many so-called-Christians who most probably don’t have a clue what being a Christian means, therefore, in their attempts to work their way into Heaven they commit many atrocities. They often become a member of Satan’s team never realizing what they are doing. It is the same with the Muslims. Muslims, like many so-called-Christians, are trying to work their way into heaven by doing evil and harm to humanity. With this so-called-religion, it is obvious on which team they are on. If a person or a group of people are enemies of justice they are soldiers of Satan.

The LEFT has been calling Christians; “haters.” They don’t have a clue what a Christian really is, but they are quick to point out all of their flaws. So-called-Christians are no more Christian than Mohammad, yet the LEFT will label all Christians the same. TRUTH, whether we like it or not is still TRUTH. Truth is important, and to live without it is like never living at all.

The LEFT doesn’t have a clue as to what they are for, they only know what they are against, and the majority of the time they don’t really know what it is that they are against. It seems to me that the primary thing that the LEFT is opposed to is being responsible to a Sovereign Creator God.

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