F R I G H T E N I N G !

Today, Saturday afternoon in Mustang, Oklahoma USA September 23, 2017

I was at the barbershop waiting for my turn in the barber’s chair when I became engaged in a conversation with a young man who was 6 yrs. old, and there was another young man slight older who was interested in engaging in conversation with me as well. When the younger boy left with his dad the older boy moved closer and the conversation with him began. I asked him numerous questions about school and what he liked and what he didn’t like about it. He seemed well rounded and mature for his age. I ask him what grade he was in and he told me forth. I asked him if he knew who was the President of the United States. Well the conversation went like this:
I ask, “who is the President of the United States?”
His reply was, “Donald Trump.”
I ask, “do you like him?”
His reply, “No.”
I ask, “why not?”
His reply, “because he is a racist.”
I ask, “how do you know?”
His reply, “because he wants to build a wall.”
I ask, “who told you all this?”
His reply, “My teacher.”

I took a few moments to explain to him that his teacher was wrong and why she was wrong. The conversation continued until it was my turn in the barber’s chair. I liked the kid, he is very bright and has a wonderful mind; Independent too, he rode his bicycle to the shop in order to get his hair cut. I could mention his name but I won’t because it really doesn’t matter what his name is. Just knowing that he is a typical Oklahoma kid with a bright future.

What is very distressing is that he, along with all of his classmates, are being taught untruths about the POTUS. Forced to listen simply because they are obligated by law to attend school. Forth grade children are at an age when they are very impressionable, and in a public school setting they are very vulnerable to political lies. I can’t prove it but this young man’s teacher probably isn’t the only one who has a political agenda to lead children away from truth.

Solution? 1. Parents need to know the truth and express it to their children. 2. The Pulpits all across Oklahoma and other states should be resounding loudly with words of truth and freedom. 3. And most important of all; the gospel of Jesus Christ should be spoken anywhere, and everywhere. After all Jesus is the author of Truth, Freedom and Liberty. Anything else is of the Devil.

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