I know very well the evil that passes through my mind. Almost all of it is all about SELF. I think of how pitiful my own situation is; I’m tempted to either think much too highly of myself or to think of myself as a total failure. These thoughts don’t come into my mind out of thin air, they are darts and arrows that find their mark, a constant pestering of demonic forces which are controlled and encouraged by Satan himself. In all reality thoughts of myself should seldom come to mind, however, like the rest of humanity I was born into sin where self is the most important thought we think we have. Although, I am born again into the family of Almighty God thru the shed Blood of the resurrected Jesus Christ, I’m still living here on Planet Earth, and because of who I am, and to Whom I belong the demonic forces have all the more reason to attack me. The best thing is this: those demonic forces and Satan himself have already been defeated by Jesus at the Cross. Not to worry! I’m to just trust, obey, and wait upon the LORD, His timing is always perfect.

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