“The laws of nature, as applied to stones or trees, may only mean “what Nature, in fact, does.”  But if you turn to the Law of Human Nature, the Law of Decent Behavior, it is a different matter.  That law certainly does not mean “what human beings, in fact, do”; for as I said before, many of them do not obey this law at all, and none of them obey it completely.  The law of gravity tells you what stones do if you drop them; but the Law of Human Nature tells you what human beings ought to do and do not. In other words, when you are dealing with humans, something else comes in above and beyond the actual facts. You have the facts (how men do behave) and you also have something else (how they ought to behave). In the rest of the universe there need not be anything but the facts. Electrons and molecules behave in a certain way, and certain results follow, and that may be the whole story.  But men behave in a certain way and that is not the whole story, for all the time you know that they ought to behave differently.”    ~C. S. Lewis (Mere Christianity, Book 1, Chapter 3)

I find it interesting that all people (including myself) violate the Laws of Human Nature.  Seldom will any of us recognize our failure. If we humans are the least bit interested in TRUTH and remain true to ourselves, we will at least admit our failures, and a few of us will make an honest effort to change our way of thinking and our behavior.   As a nation, the willingness to admit this flaw in our nature is critical to our survival.

A good example of this is the behavior of the present day ‘LEFT’ when it comes to our POTUS.  “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”(*) It seems that the left cannot realize this flaw in their behavior.  The question remains: WHY?  Is their behavior intentional or is it due to total ignorance?

(*The proverb that has been adapted from a line in the play “The Mourning Bride,” by William Congreve. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”)

Note: the first few paragraphs of the “Book Mere Christianity” offers much insight to the fact that this Law of Human Nature is true and that we as humans were created with a certain amount understanding built within us.  The entire book is a great read, especially if you experience any doubt about anything in this life.

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