There was a great company of people. They each volunteered for their positions and worked hard to contribute to the company. They work 40 hours per week with three weeks vacations per year, they were off on all holidays and the benefits included a great health and dental plan with a fantastic retirement program.
There was another group of people who were on duty 40 hours per week and had three weeks vacation, with the best medical benefits available, excellent pay with all holidays off, with a great retirement plan. This group was employed by the Government and most of them had an attitude of entitlement! Their job was to monitor the first grope of people. They didn’t work very heard and still demanded the highest of pay.
Of course, the Government had to pay their employees, and in order to do so, they had to tax the first group of people. The Government required itself to monitor the first group better in order to make sure they were not violating any regulations, cheating on their taxes or violating any human rights. This action required more government employees with the same great benefits, which required more taxes dollars to be taken from he first group. Not only was the first group required to come up with more tax dollars but there were saddled up with many restrictions and regulations that required much of their productive time. Production dropped off as a result and many of their customers went elsewhere to find the product that they failed to produce. Many times they went outside of the country to find the product and to purchase it. Not only were the products more available but they were cheaper not only in price but in quality as well.
The first group was forced to lay off people in order to make ends meet and those employees couldn’t find work and were forced to draw unemployment from the government which in turn raised taxes on the first group of people again.
The cycle goes on and on and when the government can’t raise taxes any longer because of the public uproar they just sell bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank which prints up more money for the government to spend. The end result of this is inflation, the hidden tax. Everything gets more expensive and the poor man who survives on Social Security can’t make ends meet because his check does not keep up with inflation.
History tells us that this sort of government always ends in desolation and destruction.
There is another group of people who are always on the lookout for something better for themselves. That doesn’t sound so bad, something good for themselves? Well, take a closer look. This particular group is the LEFT. They are politically motivated because political power is very powerful. If you can control the voting masses you can do just about anything you want. Of course, you must promote socialism, which sounds very nice, along with progressivism, which also sounds very nice which always ends up as Communism. Even that sounds good to the ignorant masses of our nation. The ignorant masses don’t much care about liberty or freedom, they mostly want a free lunch, and they don’t want to work because work is beneath them. Many of them have evolved from two and sometimes three generations of entitlement children. Nothing is required of them except for them to vote and keep the churn churning. Few of them have families, only a berth mother who has learned to milk the system. The more children she can produce, preferably illegitimately, the more money she can make. It’s all about how to manipulate the system, and this manipulation wisdom is passed down from generation to generation.
Where will it end? Will the America that I knew in the fifties end in desolation? My dad thought it was bad then. I’m thankful that he is not here to see it now.
Seems like our nation is being eaten from the inside out. Is a horrible cancer consuming us? Or is our Nation filled with ravenous rats that are devouring our vital organs one by one from the inside out and from the outside inward?
The only hope that I see is our newest POTUS. I like him very much even though he has a humility problem, and he can’t keep himself from striking back at his opponents with his tweeter account. He is from New York City for Peat’s Sake, can’t we forgive him for that? All in all, he is doing a masterful job and the vermin in the swamp hate him, which also includes the major news media excluding Fox.
I can’t understand how some of my most intelligent friends can’t see what is going on. This is a spiritual battle and the POTUS is really a small player in all of it, but he is hanging in there as tough as nails he keeps on trying. I like him as much as I did Ronald Reagan, maybe more. He certainly has TRUE GRIT.

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